Commercial Photo Gallery

Museum Water Damage

This museum sprinkler system malfunctioned and subsequently caused a water damage to multiple attractions. This sports attraction was 100% affected.  SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell was able to dry and clean everything in place for a quick re-open.

Large Loss Response

Here at SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell, we have at the resources to respond to any size disaster.  This commercial client needed drying equipment and power generation to stabilize his large commercial property.

Large Loss Commercial Water Loss

This commercial client suffered a large loss water damage from a frozen sprinkler main on the roof.  5 floors of approximately 350,000 sf were under 2" - 3" under water.  SERVPRO responded quickly to assist this client with a full extraction and dryout

Mold in an Office Building

Due to a leaky roof system, the office building sustained water damage which was left untouched for a period of time and in turn, mold formed and contaminated the structure.

Large Loss Response

This is our Large Loss Response trailer assisting one for our commercial customer during a flood event.  Heavy rains caused flood waters to affect the main floor of a commercial building. Significant water damaged affected the main retail floor of the building.  With the proper amount of equipment we were able to keep the business up and running for their customers.